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Does a Lake Minnetonka visitor or resident take the time to stop and notice the uniqueness that surrounds them? In the morning as they hurry too their plans for the day, do they notice the sunlight through the fog, the clouds reflecting in still water, the wind softly rocking a sailboat? When visitors spend a day at the lake,what memories do they take home with them?

I wanted to share my fascination with Lake Minnetonka by photographing everyday happenings that reflect the Lake's beauty.  Also I observed that many of the available photographs of the Lake are historical. I saw an opportunity to present the Lake as a place where great memories can be created today.

My cards and photographs titled "The Water Series" is an ever changing collection of images that I hope show these moments.

My photography studio in Golden Valley includes a woodworking shop where I construct frames from reclaimed Lake Minnetonka docks. My frames hold the history of the Lake while my photographs present the Lake as it is today.

Thank you, Mike Maki